Generation Iron


I am watching Generation Iron movie,,a long awaited sequel to Pumping Iron made in late 70’s . Very well done and narrated by Mickey Rourke. I am contemplating moving to another gym, I find moving to different gyms keeps me motivated and no two are alike. Cutting Edge Fitness has Hammer Strength ,which are well constructed units to isolate while handling heavy weights. Hammer Strength machines are the closest to lifting free weight but in a more controlled and safe manner. Good movie for those that are interested in the Bodybuilding arena.


The power rack

I was sitting on the bench by the power rack looking at it after just finishing my deadlifts in it. I ve been working in it over ten years and it has not changed a bit,,but I have. I built myself in that rack. You can get a lot accomplished there. From squats to deadlifts and bench presses to curls and on and on. There are no limits to the power rack and they are built to hand any amount of weight you can handle.  So I recommend you all to spend more time in a power rack and try it out. 

Merry Christmas!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Christmas season and have your gift shopping done and gym memberships up to date.  I have been backing off the real heavy lifting and sticking with the moderate poundage for gains.  I have met my goals in weight and since my pec tear injury I have decided to back off a little.  I am still keeping my size for almost 46 yrs old and satisfied. BUT I am going to try and cut a little in the mid section.  My deadlifts a squats have always been heavy with gains in the hips and my wifes good cooking shows how well I like to eat!.  Thats the hard part for me is a diet and cardio which is fundamental to leaning out in those areas.  We have a new bodybuilding season coming up.  I do not know if I am going to do any shows.  Right now I am just having fun lifting weights and changing up my routines and using different approaches to building muscle.  I am looking forward to the upcoming powerlifting season. The new year will unleash a new round of up and coming powerlifters both men and women.  North port Chad Walker (shw) from North Port Barbell Squatted 1080, benched 750 and deadlifted 800lbs at the SPF Outlaws meet in Tampa, Florida. His 2630 total will move him up to #4 (Mp) tied
on powerlifting watch (current) lifter rankings.
Here is the footage of his lifts.

Suzanne Prusnek, ranked #5 in the 165 pound womens raw, and #3 in the womens Masters, brought home two gold medals, the 1st place trophy in the womens raw masters, and a second place trophy in the raw open womens division. She set three new world records for her weight class and age division, and broke two American records for her weight class and age. At 55 years old, she was the oldest woman in the competition. Here are some of her lifts:

These are just a few of the athlete’s and are sure to succeed in added achievements.  I have been following Kameron Ross here in my area he is an up and coming powerlifter with a wealth of determination.  I am confident he will go far in this sport.

Everyone have a good and safe holiday season.