Lunk Alarm Unjust?

I think all of us that like fitness know where we would like to be in accomplishing our goals.  I most certainly would not join Planet fitness because of the fact that it does not have the equipment that I or other powerlifter/bodybuilders seek.  And of course the members of Planet fitness desire not to be at a hardcore gym and are happy to be in the Planet Fitness environment.   Hence if I did go on a day pass to Planet Fitness in a town where it was the only one available, I know I would not portray the LUNK as they say and harass the customers. And I am sure 99.9% of us would not be characterized as such in their commercial.  I personally have not encountered these individuals.  I find Planet Fitness’s commercial somewhat offensive and highly misleading about the powerlifing and bodybuilding community.

I wanted to get this out and see if any of you see it the same way?


Mesomorph Body Type

There are a great variety of reasons that a person would want to know his or her body type. If you are beginning a diet and fitness regimen, for example, this is going to be very important for your progress and to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing. In fact, beginning a diet and fitness regimen is likely the most common reason that a person would have for wanting to identify and to learn more about their own body type. Identifying your body type is also going to get you off to the best start, as you will learn what the best regimen for you will be for the greatest effect.

There are three basic body types and I will describe briefly the two that are not the mesomorph type, in order that you can better understand the differences between the three. The other two are the ectomorph and the endomorph. In brief, the ectomorph body type is lean and lightly muscled, typically with a very linear structured body. They will find it very difficult to gain muscle mass. The endomorph is generally rounder and softer, more prone to that mid-body fat gathering than the other body types. They tend to be high-waisted and the limbs are generally short, but tapered.

The mesomorph body type we will go into in greater detail and you should be able to tell if this is your body type. These people will have more athletic and well-muscled bodies, tending to gain muscle easier than the other body types will. However, they will also gain fat easier in many cases, so diet and cardiovascular exercise will be equally important to them as weight bearing workouts will be. The majority of bodybuilding competition champions, where the focus is on muscle mass, are this body type. Not only are the large muscle groups well-developed, but the hands and fingers of the mesomorph are even muscled!

The mesomorph female will be that hourglass figure and the male will lean towards a triangular body shape. The face of the mesomorph is generally square, especially along the jawline, rather than angular. Even the skin of the mesomorph is thicker than that of the other body types, and the hair tends to be very textured and probably thick, as well.

As you can see, the three body types are quite distinguishable, one from another. Some people may fit a bit into more than one category, but will usually have one that is definitely primary over the other. If you are a mesomorph, you will gain muscle easy, but remember that diet and fat-burning exercises are equally important. Otherwise, that muscle may become covered by a layer of fat that will hide your progress.