Power lifting And Olympic Lifting Differences



Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting have different lifts as part of their respective competitions

The basic difference is that powerlifting consists of the squat, bench, and deadlift. Olympic weightlifting consists of the snatch, and clean and jerk. Though some powerlifters opt out of wearing Olympic-style weightlifting shoes, most powerlifters do use the Olympic-style weightlifting shoe during competitions. Women compete in both Olympic weightlifting and in powerlifting.



 Which lifts are used in powerlifting competitions?

Squat, bench, and deadlift

Snatch, clean and jerk are Olympic weightlifting lifts, whereas powerlifters compete in squat, bench, and deadlift.



When you lie on your back to do the bench press, where should your feet be?

Flat on the ground

Keep your feet flat on the ground to maintain stability on the bench. Having your feet in the air or spread outward can interfere with the exercise, and possibly injure your lower back.



  How many attempts for each lift individual does a lifter get in a sanctioned competition?



Lifters get three attempts in each lift. The greatest amount successfully lifted in the deadlift, bench, and squat counts towards the lifter’s total. The total is when the greatest amount lifted in the squat, deadlift, and bench is added together. Should a lifter have three unsuccessful attempts in either the squat, bench, or deadlift, he will be disqualified.



  When benching for your first time, it is best to lift how much?


A very small amount

This is a mistake many people make when trying to lift. It is best to start at a light weight when lifting, then work your way up (especially when you are a lightweight individual).


  Powerlifters usually wear special powerlifting gear for meets. What is a powerlifting meet called when lifters do not wear that gear?


“Raw” meet

“Raw” powerlifting meets do exist, though it is more common for lifters to wear gear in competitions. This gear usually consists of a squat suit, bench shirt, deadlifting suit or singlet, belt, wrist, and knee wraps.



  No matter how experienced you are at bench pressing, you should always have someone nearby to act as a what?



A spotter is someone who may assist when lifting, and also helps ensure that no injuries occur. If you have a home gym, it is advised not to lift alone, as you may get stuck and have no around for assistance.


  Why would a powerlifter have baby powder in his bag?


For deadlifting

Baby powder is used in the deadlift to help the bar move smoothly up the shins. Chalk is used on the hands to help with gripping the bar, not baby powder. Baby powder would cause a lifter to lose his grip more easily.


 When performing the bench press, where should you be looking?


Slightly up or Straight ahead

If your head is straight up, you could hit your head on the bar, or injure yourself in some other fashion. Looking to your sides or at the bar can also be hazardous.


  How many judges are there judging each lift in a sanctioned competition?



There are three judges who judge each individual lift. Judges give red lights or flags for unsuccessful attempts, and white for successful attempts.



  How should your chest be when you are bench pressing?


Your chest should be up

Allowing your chest to flatten and your shoulders to go back can damage your shoulders. If your chest was against the bench, you couldn’t bench press anyway. So when benching, always keep your chest up and shoulder forward. This will help you bench more weight, keep good stability on the bench, and decrease chance of injury.