Lunk Alarm Unjust?

I think all of us that like fitness know where we would like to be in accomplishing our goals.  I most certainly would not join Planet fitness because of the fact that it does not have the equipment that I or other powerlifter/bodybuilders seek.  And of course the members of Planet fitness desire not to be at a hardcore gym and are happy to be in the Planet Fitness environment.   Hence if I did go on a day pass to Planet Fitness in a town where it was the only one available, I know I would not portray the LUNK as they say and harass the customers. And I am sure 99.9% of us would not be characterized as such in their commercial.  I personally have not encountered these individuals.  I find Planet Fitness’s commercial somewhat offensive and highly misleading about the powerlifing and bodybuilding community.

I wanted to get this out and see if any of you see it the same way?


5 thoughts on “Lunk Alarm Unjust?

  1. I’ve come across your blog while researching pec tears. Unfortunately, I’m now a victim of this terrible injury myself. Been about 5 weeks since the initial injury (the MRI showed that the tendon is still attached) so I’m still in the very early stages of trying to rehab a muscle tear or what I think is probably a muscle that has torn away from the tendon. Your blog has been both encouraging & useful in helping me know what to expect.

    I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that I will never barbell bench again, & even when using dumbells, I’m probably just going to stick with a hammer grip to further reduce the strain on the pec. I know you said that even the dumbells feel awkward, so I was wondering, & I’m sure you have but going to ask anyway… have you tried just using a hammer grip dumbbell press? If so, does it feel any better or is it just as awkward as regular dumbbell presses?

    • Jamie,,sorry to hear of your tear. Its been about 4 yrs since mine and to be encouraging I am pressing almost 90% of what I was when I first started recovering. Be patient it is frustrating at first and of course it will not be the same BUT it will improve over a long time. I can barbell bench but not the full load as before. And I am better at the incline. I am up to 100 lb dumbell flat bench which I could not do for a long time. I am getting stronger. You will too. Make sure you invest in a good massage therapist! I can say get one asap and they can start working those peck muscle fibers out and get most of them back toward each other to grow. They will know what to do. I wish I would have went sooner instead of going to active release therapy that was worthless.! I have also found that military presses in the power rack has helped tremendously in building strength for flat bench or flat dumbell presses. But please take it easy in your healing as you know for the initial recovery in your case.
      Good luck and do not be frustrated it will work and you will be back under the bar!

      • I’m doing ulta sound sessions twice a week with my physical therapist to help break up the scar tissue, I will also take your advice seek out a good massage therapist. I’m really surprised to hear you say that the ART was useless, everyone raves about it so much but I’ll take your word for it & save my money.

        So hammer strength equipment is good huh? That’s interesting, I train at home but (after I heal up some more) there is a gym not to far from me that has hammer strength equipment, I’ll try their stuff out & if I like it, hell, I’ll buy the equipment for my home gym.

        Actually, when I was asking about hammer grip dumbbell presses, I was talking about using dumbells, but keeping the palms facing each outer instead of out at a 45% or god forbid even palms out, like this guy is doing on the incline:

        Thanks for doing this blog, you’re perseverance is an inspiration to old school lifters like myself (I’m 40 myself).

  2. Your welcome Jamie. Yes I am able to do hammer curls just fine as you will be able to too. Yes I got caught up in the rave of ART and found it not working for my muscle tear. Hammer strength is awesome for isolation too.

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