No more big bench

No more big bench presses for me.  Since my torn pec problem two years ago I have been limited to cables and hammer strength.  But its getting the job done.  I am still seeing a massage therapist which has helped tremendously.  I also turned 47 today and it does make a difference in strength, my size is staying about the same.  I have cut down on the weight in my dead-lifts from 605 for reps to 510 and down to 425 for reps.  Squats I am 525 for reps on the smith machine and 415 for reps in the rack.

The pec tear was a huge offset,(it was a 2 inch tear), but I am grateful for the big dumbbells and bench I got before it happened.  I can do up to 100 lbs dumbbells now, but it is awkward to say the least.  I still have  a small dimpled peck area when flexing but it is usually unnoticeable at a relaxed stance.

The scary thing about these tears are the fact that I never had any indications of it coming on.  I felt strong and normal with good presses, the only thing that I could say is I was using the hand made bar that made the weights wobbly and I think my arm got to much outside of a safe zone of stability.  BUT I have heard of muscle tears regardless of proper form.

I would highly recommend warming up the muscles.  I do cable to pump the blood into the muscles before any free press weights.

Ladies and gentlemen our journey in the iron asylum is a hard goal with years of pain and sweat.  It is all worth it.

I cannot stay away from it, injuries or not.

Just use your brain as the first muscle to flex in judging your progress without going beyond something not rational to safety.

Good luck stay safe.


2 thoughts on “No more big bench

  1. Hi, just came across your blog. First off, keep up the great work and words of encouragement. Second, I am now 5 months, post-pec tear, and I have the same kind of indentation on my left pec as you have. My questions for you is. Is the deep tissue masage helping with it? Would you recomend it? and readnig your comments, I am pretty encouraged to still be able to press some heavy weights. I hope to one day get back on stage in a bodybuilding contest without this indentation being too noticible. How long did it take you to get to 100%? Thank yo again for your time. Rui

    • Hello and thank you. Of course depending on age recovery varies. I was 45 when it happened to me. I will not ever be to 100% but I am able to now press 100 lb dumbells and it is a bit awkward. I recommend to you to get to a massage therapist and have them work the torn muscle and stretch and break up the adhesions once to twice a week for now. You want to not delay this. I know that if I went to the massage therapy verses ART active release therapy I would have recovered and heald in a more aesthetic manner.

      Do not delay and good luck, do not give up! You will be back onstage in time.

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