Generation Iron

A new Pumping Iron is coming out in 2013.  I am looking forward to seeing it.

Here is a trailer clip.




Hello everyone. It has been some time since I have posted on my Blog. I am sorry for those following my blog on Blogger for I just got done moving it and closing some Google accounts. I hope that you have found the new web address.  The WordPress one has not changed. I am still in the lifting world. Setting no goals, I have just maintained and in some lifts reduced the amount. I will be turning 47 soon. I do not want to tear anymore muscles or get injured in any way. Though my mind loves the heavy lifting, and I continue to lift hardcore I notice my body talking to me to ease off some days .  I am great full for meeting my goals and sometimes exceeding them. My pectoral tear is still healing to some degree. I do notice being a little stronger. It will never be the same as I accept it and happy to still be able to lift. The imprint of the tear is still there and it is still awkward to do bench or dumb bells but I can still do them.

Today was leg day

315X12 warm up Smith machine
Leg press
Walking Dumbell Lunges

Human Growth Hormone KEY Ingrediants


I have been making my own HGH (human growth hormone) by buying the KEY ingredients of GABA (Gamma-aminoburtyric-acid) 750MG a day mixed with Alpa GPC 600 MG a day. I am stronger and active in my opinion since starting this. Don’t buy into spending allot of money on the supplements that DO say HGH on them. Just look at the KEY ingredients and buy them seperatly it is so much cheaper and you can test yourself on the amount that works for you.  I have been cycling with DHEA 100 days on 30 off.  The supplement world is so huge now that the flashy label sell more than it helps you. So if you are going to supplement and need to “stack” something I recommend going on EBay  (you get EBay bucks too) or Puritans Pride, LuckyVitimins or whomever you do business with and buy to your knowledge of the KEY ingredients to set up your stack. This takes some time and research by way of looking at many labels of many different supplements. When you go into a supplement store you notice separate supplements and you also see the “special” ones for certain goals. Do some research sometimes it is way cheaper to buy the Key ingredients. The HGH advertized ones have your Key ingredients and other “crap” that you do not need.  Also those supplements may not have the amount your looking for. But sometimes they are on a real good sale. So again do some studying and blend the KEY ingredients to your needs.

Have a good Holiday season