Pectoral tear update and photos

Hello all

In march 2011 I suffered a severe pectoral tear. & months now its still healing. Its severity and at 46 yrs old it is taking a very long time. My sports doc said about a full year of healing. I have been slowly improving on bench press. I have had a really good chest workout on Tuesday 9-27-2011. I did a good 225 3 sets for 10 reps on the Smith machine. And 3 sets of 310 for reps on the incline Pec machine. I have been careful to press dumbbells and free weight bench pressing. I can do it but it is still awkward. I have improved on the pec deck as well. I am feeling confident I will beat this injury and keep improving my presses. To those out there with the same injury do not feel down, you can recover and get your lifts back in order. Just be patient. I know the frustrations of once being able to do heavy presses. Just remember to be thankful you are back in the gym and able to do a workout. When I had this injury I did not feel it coming I was actually on my 3rd rep of heavy dumbbells and drop setting meaning I started with a heavier weight. The problem was I was not smart at it. I was using home made dumbbells which are fine if used properly. It was a dumbbell handle able to add 10 lb weights or whatever you wanted and you used polyurethane spacers to keep the plates tight to each other. I did not have the proper spacing nor were the spacers available for the weight I wanted making the plates shift and unstable but I felt OK negotiating this.. Big mistake. I think when I was on the press up the weights shifted enough to cause my arm to go outside and that’s when it happened. So please train smart!.

As you can see in the pics at a normal rest stance you can see the deformation slightly it does appear in the photo but in real time it is really not noticeable. The camera really can be more defining.  Now with the flexed photo you can clearly decipher the indentation.  It has improved since but still there. I have been seeking regular treatment for ART Active release technique which is better than deep tissue massage. In that the provider is trained for seeking and breaking up scar tissue related to sports injuries. It is effective and helps the healing process. I will try and keep you all up to date. I hope this helps you and have a great October!  Halloween is coming up and Its time to decorate!.

Train hard and lift smart!