The Belt Squat

Belt squats are important in many ways for a powerlifter. This equipment assists powerlifter especially ones with back injury or pain but still able to train in a manner to continue to build strength.  The belt squat unloads the pressure on the spine which is important for many reasons.  It allows faster recovery due to unloading of on the spine. It allow es lifters who cannot hold a bar on their back due to injury or discomfort. The belt pulls downward providing a traction like effect on the spine. This device is a safe and secure approach for heavy squats without a spotter and you can train to failure without the risk of injury.  The belt squat feels stable and gives a sense of confidence in raising your lifting goals.  The best usage of this equipment is to box squat on it, in other words placing a box in a size that allows for you to “sit” on it with the position at a 90 degree angle. Any lower would increase difficulty in recovering back to the standing position.  You want a level of difficulty to allow a good muscle workout but not a difficulty to increase the risk of injury.  Belt squat machines are not commonly found in the gym.  You would find them in powerlifting gyms or gyms geared specifically for the athlete (powerlifter).  You can also build one yourself to get your job done and save money. the link included will take you to one person who did this. .  Or for a very rudimentary style check out the homade deck at the bottom of the previous link. Very simple yet a little less stable due to the straps connected directly to the plates good work for balance as well.

 Other uses of the belt squat deck are, Cable dead lifts, Handle squats, cable high pulls, seated low rows. and other rowing movements.  You could discover your own different exercises on this deck.

That’s all for now. So try and find one of these or purchase on if you can or build it!.

 On a side note I am returning to the Doctor to continue my ART muscle tissue treatments for my torn pectoral muscle.  I am confident it is helping in the healing process and it has been 6 months now.  My pressing strength has increased on the machines but I am still lacking in dumbbell presses and barbell presses.  It is very frustrating but I am making a goal to get back to close to 100%.